Red – Joseph

It was late Saturday afternoon as rain bucketed down outside while James and his brother Eric were playing a game of Monopoly. James then landed on one of Eric’s hotels. “Five hundred dollars please,” Eric demanded. James handed over the big red note that read five hundred dollars. Eric snatched it out of James’s hand and tucked it away under his side of the board. When Eric was looking outside admiring a colourful rainbow that had formed James had stolen back the five hundred dollar note “but where did it go?” Eric shouted as he had saw it had disappeared.

3 thoughts on “Red – Joseph”

  1. I love the details you went into even writing it in red. I could relate to that game of monopoly and the stealing notes. Very realistic! Well done!

  2. I like this story because it’s very descriptive.
    Next time maybe you could use more punctuation like semi colons and colons.
    I really enjoyed your story because it was funny

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