red Amelie

“Red rabbit!” shouted Soren.  Soren-  Male, 14 years old, strawberry blond hair and tall with freckles. It was the first day of the month in Dawnfire city. Knock knock. “Come in” he said.  Cindy, Sorens mum walked into the room. Cindy- Female, Deep black hair and tall with freckles. “You know what day it is” said Cindy. Soren knew exactly what day it was,  yet he wished he didn’t. It was a tradition that on a new month it was time to move planets, and Soren and his mum were headed straight to Fire Flower planet (aka the planet of red).

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    1. i liked how you said you and your mum where headed straight for the fire flower planet (aka the plant of red)

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