Red -Finlay

“Hey, Jim come over here I’ve got something bad. And you may want to bring a cloth or something, I might need to have some medical attention, call the ambulance I’m badly hurt.”  Jim walked around the corner and saw me crumpled up sitting on the grass by  washing line in a heap of blood. A bit of metal was sticking out of my thigh. I suddenly yelled I need to pee. So he said I’ll give you some privacy so we went around the corner.  It came out in the form of an unusual colour it was  RED.

Red Oliver


Today the red uniformed Portland Trailblazers faced off against the Brooklyn Nets at home. The game was hard fought to the end with a monster effort by Damian Lillard dropping a career high 60 points but the Nets pulled through from a vintage performance from Spencer Dinwiddie. After the game Damian  was considerably annoyed about how little help he has winning games for this team and how if they dont give him help he will request a trade and go to another team.

In other news Lebron James celebrated taco Tuesday.

Red – Joseph

It was late Saturday afternoon as rain bucketed down outside while James and his brother Eric were playing a game of Monopoly. James then landed on one of Eric’s hotels. “Five hundred dollars please,” Eric demanded. James handed over the big red note that read five hundred dollars. Eric snatched it out of James’s hand and tucked it away under his side of the board. When Eric was looking outside admiring a colourful rainbow that had formed James had stolen back the five hundred dollar note “but where did it go?” Eric shouted as he had saw it had disappeared.

Red – Hue Smith

Red is a colour and is in the rainbow but what is pretty cool about red is it is not only a colour but… (wait for it)… a word,  I know it’s pretty exciting isn’t it. But guess what it is also… (keep waiting)…  The colour of blood (eww gross right but also exciting that it is all those things) So now you know how many things are red it is now  time for a short story and I mean short :

The sky lit up in a reddish Hue (Haha it is my name)… told you it was short.


Blue is my favourite colour, but today I’m choosing to write about red. There’s lots of red around the classroom. Oilver’s hair, William’s t-shirt, Blake’s shoes, Finlay’s jacket, posters, art and even the back wall of the classroom. My teachers favourite colour is red. yesterday she even went in town and bought a new red shirt and she’s wearing it today. I don’t really understand why she likes red so much. She says she’s always just liked it, even when she was younger. I just did a quick poll in my class and no one else’s favourite colour is red.