5 words-finlay

One day my school went on a trip to the zoo and we had a very long look at the elephants. But these elephants were very different, they were purple, yes a strange colour indeed but I was happy that they were still alive, so then we went back to school and we had a choice to do something about the zoo.  I chose to paint the purple elephants, and as I painted I heard the beautiful sound of an antique violin being played across the hall from my class, oh what a wonderful sound wafting through the air.

5 words – Isla

“It was a brisk morning, my long locks of brown hair flapping against my face as I walked along the stunning beach. I gazed out into the vast ombre sunrise and in the distance, I see a giant silhouette slowly walking towards me. As it merges towards me I realise it’s a purple elephant.”

“Seriously Mia that just wrecks the whole story,” exclaimed Izzy. Then a  strumming noise came from the corner of the room where the painted canvas was sitting. “Seriously Tom we’re in the middle of a story.” Mia shouts with anger.

“Fine girls carry on with your boring games,” Tom mumbled as he left.          “We’ll finish the story in the morning then, it’s pretty late.” Izzy whispered. Then all the girls went to bed happy.

5 Words – Isabella

I woke up in the morning feeling super happy. I got out of bed, said bye to Elly (my toy elephant) and skipped into the kitchen. I was welcomed by a steaming plate of (my favourite) pancakes. As I was eating, my (very annoying) teenage brother Max strolled out of his room carrying his precious purple violin. I swear he takes it everywhere. He sat down next to me and started rambling along about his band’s next big gig. When we had finished I walked over to the arts cabinet and grabbed us some paint, paper and two easels. I decided to paint a portrait of Elly. I had no idea what Max painted.

5 words – By Mia

Ivy gazed out to the baby elephant nuzzling into his mother. She wished that she could be happy like that. The artwork was painted so carefully, it almost felt as if she were inside it.

The only thing that filled Ivy with pure happiness nowdays was the sweet tune from her violin. It was her mother’s violin before hers and Ivy’s most treasured possession. The violin was a beautiful instrument, glossy purple in colour. Ivy’s heart ached as she tried hard to remember her. All she could conjure up was a faint silhouette and the soft whisper of the lullaby she sang to Ivy the night before she left.

Five Words By Malia

I smiled, as I listened to the peaceful melody of Gran’s violin. I glanced up at the clock and saw it was 2:10pm. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the happy elephant painting that my mum had painted after we’d visited the Kalahari Desert and saw the amazing wild life – elephants, zebras, lions, rhinos. The memory was interrupted by Mum entering the room in her favourite purple spotted dress saying,”Lucy, Mum, we’re going to be late!”                                We were off to the market, every Saturday we sold honey while Gran played the violin. I loved the market, the sweet aromas roaming in the air, freshly grown produce. Excited we hopped in the car and drove off.