red Amelie

“Red rabbit!” shouted Soren.  Soren-  Male, 14 years old, strawberry blond hair and tall with freckles. It was the first day of the month in Dawnfire city. Knock knock. “Come in” he said.  Cindy, Sorens mum walked into the room. Cindy- Female, Deep black hair and tall with freckles. “You know what day it is” said Cindy. Soren knew exactly what day it was,  yet he wished he didn’t. It was a tradition that on a new month it was time to move planets, and Soren and his mum were headed straight to Fire Flower planet (aka the planet of red).

red -william randell

Amanda woke to a yell and the smell of smoke, she looked down the hallway and saw a fire in the kitchen and saw a man dashing to the window. He had red hair but Amanda lived alone so she grabbed her phone then jumped out the window and called 111. The fire truck came and put out the blaze. Just as they were about to leave Amanda saw the man with red hair, it was the man that was in her house, she went over to meet him but he ran so she wondered if he was hero or villain.

100Wc test run Pip

This is where the typing goes.  Already I am up to around ten words and I only get to type 100 so it is not all that daunting and hopefully, I will have something semi-decent when I have finished with it.  For those of you that find getting words down this should not be too onerous and for those of you that enjoy writing you can really work hard to make your writing interesting and to the point without dragging it out.  Have a go and have fun with it.  We can then hopefully post to the 100WC site and also see other students’ writing.