I didn’t realise they could fly… By Malia

I gazed up into the branches,watching a kaka bury its egg into a beech trunk. She crouched over her eggs, hers wings spread like a shield. It sat for a moment, before twirling around, glaring up down the tree. A second later, a stoat came running out darting up the tree, the kaka gave a cry and charged. Calmly the stoat dodged and darted through the opening. My chest thudded I wanted to help but my feet felt cemented to the ground. It seemed the kaka already knew she had lost. Unable to watch the egg being devoured, she spread her wings, escaping into the sky. Startled, I looked up, and thought, “I didn’t realise they could fly…”

5 words – Edie

A violent scream rang throughout the apartment building. Someone had been murdered. Lena peeked out behind the purple peeling door frame. Blood was painted across the room. Lena clamped a hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. Her ears were ringing like a violin being played badly.  Tears welled in her bright, sorrowful eyes. Her father. All she had left was gone. All the happy from the world was gone. She hunched herself into a ball and cried. Suddenly, a shadow was cast above her. Slowly, Lena turned around. A ghost-white, sinister shape as big as an elephant was towering above her. She cried out before everything turned to black. 

5 words-Georgia


“My toy elephant, I will make sure you have the best funeral in the whole entire world” I muttered to myself.

 An idea sprung to my head, a purple coffin with the happiest flowers painted on it. I will share many stories about how I would play the violin to get you to sleep every night, and how I missed you when I was at school.   

 You know I really will miss you but I will visit your grave every day we will talk about you every day. I promise I will never forget how you changed my life from unhappy to happy.

ollie-5 words

“Mum, can I please go to the zoo?” I said in a hopeful voice.

“Why today?”

“Because last time we went there was an elephant playing the violin and there might be something different”

“Ok but not for long.”

Yay I’m so happy we are driving to the zoo and I’m looking out the window and see an old guy painting a purple rock and wonder why did he paint a rock purple. We park up at the zoo. I look at the lions and tigers but at the end of the day, I see an elephant playing the violin.

5 words – Joseph

Bella hopped into bed pulling the covers up.  Santa won’t come if you are awake, her mum had told her. She lay there for a while looking at the Christmas tree wondering what she might get until she slowly drifted to sleep.

Bella woke with a start to the sound of pancakes being flipped. She looked over at the tree. Sure enough, a pile of presents sat there, one of them was very obvious, it was a violin. Bella had always wanted a violin but it was also painted purple with an elephant on it. Bella played it all morning